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Just a lttle vent

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Hi all,


Im stopping by for the first time in months to vent a little.


My ex and i split just before christmas and its fair to say i went through hell, a couple of months ago things started to improve and i thought at last the end is near, to a degree it was and is, ive got on and done things, started doing things i always wanted to do and even went out drinking and socialising again.


Last couple of weeks though have not been so good, ive sobbed a few times for the first time in months and find myself hurting again, i miss her again, what we had and what we were, i think its because she is pregant and has told me thats its not mine that has kicked this off, i actually dont believe her and so am having to play a terrible waiting game, i wish it would end.


I thought this was over but its not, i guess its back to the drawing board for now.


Be well everyone



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steve you loved her. you are ..what 7 months post break up? you are doing great. its a process. you cannot expect to be 'over' someone that you truly invested in and loved. you are now having a life again and having fun again. then you will hit a bad patch(now). then it will be better again. and so on for awhile. i think you are doing great!!

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Charity, thank you,


I really needed to hear your words, I'm very sad and was sat here thinking and wondering what is wrong with me but you're right, I did love her and invest 100% of me into her and our relationship. I'll bide my time and take this few weeks as a reminder that I'm not over her just yet. Thanks again, I'm very grateful

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