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Very Nervous talking to certain people

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For some reason i get nervous around people at work..some more than others..the ones i became close one on one I am fine with. Maybe because I feel more on their level.


I notice I am more nervous talking with women bosses at work than men. I just feel more at ease around most of them. Some guys who I may find slightly attractive or are close to my age I can be nervous around at times.


With my boss; for some reason I just feel nervous. I have to tell myself to be confident and the major problem I have is turning red. I turn red so easily without even wanting to. I have been dealing with that for awhile..sometimes I am ok and others I am not and it makes me turn red even more thinking about them noticing. It's just the reaction I have.


I had to tell my boss about a small procedure I need to have done; nothing major but i would need a few days throughout the summer for medical reasons. For some reason i felt myself nervous when talking to her and emotional..i felt like my eyes would water before i even went in there (i made an excuse my contacts were bothering me when i entered). I hope i didn't come accross emotional over this..the procecure is still something semi serious but its not like i will be in a hospital for days so i know it can be alot worse. I turned really red at one point..i felt like i probably looked like a fool...to turned red, maybe look emotionally upset over this and nervous talking to her...I feel like i shouldn't have told her and just called out sick or something on those days.


I probably look like an insecure crazy person right? just feel frustrated with myself

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Eh, I personally detest the word crazy because it seems as if there IS such a thing as "normal" but thats more of an opinion than anything. Seriously though, I worry about this kind of stuff all the time, and I only work retail (at Staples) and I get nervous to ask for any day off or even just ask how to do my job because Im afraid that Ill come off as incompetent. It can be tough but Ive realized that for the most part, the people youre talking to wont look at you as crazy or insecure only because they cant see whats inside your head. Thats what I use to comfort me. Sure, you turned red, but they dont know why, I mean dont get me wrong there are certain tells to being nervous but over the years (Ive had major anxiety problems for a long time) Ive been able to act like Im fine when inside Im very nervous and considering running away but on the surface it appears that Im just having a normal conversation.


Hope that helps. Just remember, you're only nervous on the inside and over time it gets less and less. Youre not crazy and not insecure

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