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Just Have to Vent!!


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So anyways its been just over a week and a half since i split with my girlfriend everything was amazing then one morning she wakes and BOOM goodbye i don't want to be in this relationship anymore. For the past two weeks i haven't been able to sleep or eat properly i feel awful everyday is a strugle. I cant even spend a full day in work most of the time i wait around and i cant handle that at all.


Then today i was thinking bout the whole religion stuff i mean it seems to me that bad things happen to good people you try and treat people as best you can never have any issues open up your heart and thats it people in 3rd world countries suffering and there is meant to be a so called god


I cut all contact with my Ex (my choice had an ex 2 years ago that left me for someone else then tried constantly contacting me) deleted num facebook you name it havent heard anything since how can someone not care about anothers feelings when we split it was like she just did not care after we had shared so much. I have to normally go into her work every other week but have put this off until september at least unfortunately had to get my boss involved with her boss to sort it but did send her a message apologising its just something i have to do for me . Im just really hurt everything was so mutual one day then nothing i miss her so much theres nothing i can do about it. Cant stop thinking we only ever shared good times.


Then there is the part that cant stop thinking is she ok whats she doing etc i went out with a friend on saturday ended up drinking and then had a huge anxiety attack couldnt breath felt like i was going to have a heart attack in fear of the possibility of seeing her.


This world is not fair to good people Ive only ever tried my best with the people in my life


I just don't think that this right at all

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Your right in that it isn't right. I feel you deserve an explanation but if you never get one it's best to pick up what dignity you have left and move on. Humans are strange creatures and weird stuff happens all the time.


You can never know what's going on in someone's head, but it seems she had this premeditated long before she acted on it. Just know that the relationship wasn't meant to be and try to keep yourself together the best way possible. The best revenge is being happy and content with yourself when you see her. Keep your head high and good luck.


Until we meet again...

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My bf walked out sat with no real explanation. I know how you feel. Saw him briefly sun to return his things to him. So today is day 2 NC. I'm experiencing the panic attacks as well. Way worse today than yesterday. I've been warned that it'll get worse before it gets better. I'm trying my best to stay away from alcohol and cigs to self medicate. I'm in a lot of pain. I can't eat for fear of not being able to keep it down. I get the shakes and just start crying uncontrollably. I am in a week of training for work. It's a waste. Not learning anything. More stresss.

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We all seem to want to over analyse the situation what is going through the other persons head “ their reasons “ so we can get some sort of closure , unfortunately we will never know “

Just Let It go , I know its hard and painful , but stay in the NC Mode , This is about you now , look after yourself , take care of youself



What does not kill us makes us stronger

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