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  1. I agree that the vibrator is more a symptom than the main issue. For me, I'd be happy to get one as a gift. Bouncy, even. I take pleasure where I can get it, and if someone wants to treat me on my birthday with a fancy machine that guarantees orgasm after orgasm, hey, more power to them. But then, I'm always pleased by gifts that I can actually use. Because of that I don't think that a vibrator as a gift in and of itself is necessarily pointing to someone only being interested in sex, but in your relationship it sounds like the issues go a lot further than an ill-thought-out gift.
  2. Okay. She's gorgeous. What seems to be the real issue here to me is that you view yourself as in competition with her.
  3. You're right, I should've been more careful with my wording, especially as someone who doesn't identify as cisgendered myself. I apologize. I do think, though, that as the poster identifies as male that his decision to cross dress doesn't come with the same connotations of someone trying to pass. He's not trying to be a woman.
  4. I agree that it sounds like he is looking for someone who is transgendered and pre-transition- a woman who identifies as and dresses female, but has the physical body of a man. Having sex with him honestly sounds degrading, as he has no interest in you and only one in the illusion that you portray. If you're interested in continuing, though, you might send him a message asking if there's a special outfit he'd like you to wear or something similar.
  5. I love the look of heels (especially extreme ones- the things I'd do to get my partner in a decent pair of pony boots...) but it does come down to a compromise between aesthetic and comfort. I know some people put sugru (flexible-curing moldable silicone) in their shoes to offer custom support. No idea how much it helps though.
  6. You assumed that you were in an exclusive relationship when you weren't, but his wording when you talked about it sounds potentially deliberately evasive. If you are in a happy relationship now, then I would focus on that, but it's up to you if you can deal with what you perceive as his infidelity.
  7. It's already been said, but it's for him to deal with his employer, not for you. If he states that he cannot commit to something, then you need to respect that. You can ask him if he can ask for a weekend off (or another, rather, as you've said he's coming this weekend), but that's no more appropriate a move to make than it'd be appropriate for him to do the same thing to you if the situation were reversed. I think you need to take a step back and take a look at your actions/feelings disconnected from yourself, and analyze from that perspective.
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