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Second Date in Toronto?


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Hey Everyone!...


I met this girl and we went out once for drinks, had a good time, and now I have a second date, and for some reason I can't find anything fun/creative to add to a dinner date...any suggestions?


We are doing dinner that night (she mentioned a restaurant she really wanted to try, so at least proves I was listening! ...but I want to add something a little active/fun in the date....I can't seem to find anything in Toronto that works.


I know there is a concert (Elvis Costello), but I don't want to not talk for 2 hours!...does anyone have any suggestions? Either specific to Toronto, or in general.


Thanks everyone!

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I like the ROM idea, but it closes at 5:30pm.


The water exhibition looks great, but I can't make the 5:30pm close, plus you have to be there for 4:00pm, which is their last entry time. It seems like such a waste for a great place.


Any other thoughts?

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