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fixing my communication mistakes


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my new boyfriend is a great guy. we dated for about a month, and then entered into an exclusive relationship a month or so ago. after difficult circumstances in my living situation, he offered to let me live with him. it's only been a week or so. the only difficulties i'm facing right now are the repercussions of my poor communication in the beginning of the relationship.

first off, we met on an online dating website. i signed up as a joke, and planned to delete it soon after. i didn't think i'd meet anyone worthwhile... so i put my age a year above what it actually is (i am under 21, but i am a legal adult). my boyfriend is 23. i thought i'd talked about it with him, but a few conversations in the past week have shown that i failed to fix this problem early on, and now i am terrified of what he'll think of me. tonight is the first night i've spent away from him in a week and i've been aching about this all night. i plan to tell him as soon as i get home tomorrow, but i want to prepare myself.

is this not as big of a deal as i am making it out to be? or is it bigger? should i just give up? is there any hope?

men: how would you react?

women: how would you handle this situation?

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