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to my lost child


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This is another one as I said before im not to good but the topic or this is my miscarried child me and my ex had an early miscarrige and it took alot from me and today being fathers day it took alot out of me


Is it possible to love a heart that never beat to need words that will never speak to want to tuck them in when they never sleep is it ok to dream about a baby that never really happened or think about my actions and replay the backwards wondering what I could have done to stop from letting it happen so for they moment I bid fearwell to the dreams of my 1st born just know daddy loves you and my promises remain untorn

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I really feel for you.....


Of course it is perfectly normal to want to love that child and you should. Just because that child wasn't born or didn't exist for a long time doesn't mean that he/she isn't special. That child came to both of you for a reason, perhaps just to experience a very short life but none the less to experience it knowing that you loved her/him deeply.


Perhaps you should release balloons every fathers day to remind yourself and that little soul that he/she was loved and that you will forever hold them in your heart.

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