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Should I tell him how I feel?


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So I met this guy through my grad courses and we became good friends. I like him but he has a girlfriend and I have no idea how he feels about me. I did think at one point that he liked me because he would text me a lot. He asked me a couple times if I liked him but I usually just avoided the question.


A few weeks ago I tried to get him to admit if he liked me or not. I asked why he texted me all the time (which he just said we were friends) and why he would text me asking if I liked him ( he said because he was just curious). Then he asked why I wanted to know. I was pretty frustrated at this point so I just ignored the question but he has texted me several times asking why I would ask him that. I keep telling him that it doesn't matter because he has a girlfriend but he really wants to know. My friend thinks I should just tell him that I like but I'm too shy and scared of rejection. Also, I'm not really sure if he does like me back and I feel like I just read into things too much.


So what should I do?

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