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GF has lost trust in me?? Need advice pls


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My girlfriend and I have been going out for a while now and we have being getting on so well and really fell in love with each other. We were with each other before that while she had a bf but she broke up with him and got with me. She never trusted that many people in life but told me things she would never tell anyone, we were really good together but that all fell apart last week when she found out I was with a prositute in Vegas before we knew each other. I was completely against that thing but it happened and I cant explain it and Im disgusted with myself. I never went out before looking for sex and just go out and have fun all the the time sex is really the last thing on my mind, but what happened over there I cant explain because it wasnt like me at all. My gf now tells me she has lost all trust and respect for me and thinks Im the kind of guy who does this all the time when in fact it only happened once. How can I convince her that Im the man she thought I was, the person she fell in love with?



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I wish I could convince her because Im not like that at all and I regret doing it so much, i wasnt going out for that didnt even know she was a hooker until I got to the room, no excuse still should have got rid of her. This is the love of my life and I dont know how to get her to believe me, she thinks in future that I will go and do it again, but I wouldnt even look at another girl never mind cheat on her

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I wish I could convince her because Im not like that at all


Sounds to me like the one time you did it was enough. Like I said, lots of guys do it but lots of guys NEVER do it including myself. She might not approve of that sort of thing whether it was in the past or ongoing.


As far as changing her mind.. if it was so easy to "convince other people" to do a complete 180 in their thinking, we wouldn't need forums like this.


All you can do is move on at this point. Maybe she'll miss you and think about it and decide it wasn't so bad afterall. I doubt it but it's all you got.

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