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Found out something all this time later

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today i got out and about with my coffee group i joined


busy day trying to get over my ex.felt good at times, but only briefly


so i go back to my parents to see my cat and pet him and just chill before going back to my new aprtment.


so we get talking about some phone conversation my dad had with my ex's mother that he made about 2 weeks after we moved in to the apartment we once shared.the one with the noisy neighbours.I'd had afight with my ex the one of many to come over the ensuing 7 months.he had disappeared.i had told my parents that night back in oct09 I couldn't find him they called my ex's parents.got the old bag mother who hated me on the phone.


so my dad says tonight randomly oh I spoke with the mother that night back in october 09 and she said point blank to him on the phone Oh i don't think the realtionship is going to work!!!she said that to my dad.The mother had in for us the whole time.the whole time!!!!!!


she never visited the apartment whilst I was there.gee... the * * * * * knew it was all going to end.


my mood has dropped, WHY is my dad telling me this NOW months and months and months later!!!!!


i spent last night in tears i just cried and cried i dunno why.


this mother of my ex's was in the backround telling him to break up with me for along long time i think


what gave her the bloody right!!!

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I remember when my current boyfriend's parents didn't like me. They made it way too obvious, it was terrible. It hurts a lot, and it made me cry too. Even if you don't care about the guy now, it still hurts to know that someone was rooting against you. Just steel yourself in the fact that this woman is an evil cruel woman and you'll feel better.

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All this goes to show that it is a good thing things never worked out otherwise you would have ended up with the mother-in-law from hell. Something tells me that she will be this way with whomever your ex chooses.


yeah she s really evil and snobby and thinks shes somebody.


The worst part ist she actually thought very lowly of me its making me very very angry I really want to give her a piece of my mind,when her son can't even be human and dumps me on the street, like I was piece of trash.thats what she brought into the world,and raised.How dare she look down at me!

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