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Abusing their power.

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Right, I work in Mcdonalds. Everyone has to start some where right?


Out of all the crew trainers we have, there is only one girl.

Now my problem, at most all the guys that work in my store dislike me. Yet I get on well with all the females, some of them are even close friends and some I flirt with quite alot.


Now I find this work place to be getting out of hand, as most of the males are crew trainers they abuse their power and get me in trouble. They do something wrong and usually they lay the blame on me for some reason or another. How can I sort this out? The female crew trainer tries to help me out as much as possible but in the end she can't do much.

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I'd say forget it. Find a new place to work.


To be honest, you are at work to work, not to make friends. If you are doing your job and doing it well and they are still 'getting you into trouble' then forget them. If you are slacking because you're in the back chatting up the girls, then they might have a point.

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Not all of them flirt with the Crew trainers, one of the recent problems is that one of the Crew Trainers Huw has recently got a crush on one of the girls I flirt with regularly when we are bored and now this has made him worse, his attitude is spiteful.


I am Naturally friendly with all the girls, it may seem like I flirt and yee they probably get annoyed at it. Urgh I prefer not to act different.

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Didn't see your post Annie, I do my job to near perfection. I stay behind to help out if needed and the managers see I do that. I do not slack and I do everything to improve myself. Its coming to the where I am just ignoring the crew trainers stupid requests.


Sometimes when there are no customers there isn't much to do as there are a few of us in.

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