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How to keep things going slow but still moving forward


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This girl and I are just dating right now, trying to take things slow. We first met in January 2009 but we were both a little too immature and emotionally unstable to actually have a relationship. So we broke up and just went to being friends. A couple weeks ago we went to a movie after a couple months of very little contact. The next day I told her how I felt about her and acknowledged how we've both come very far since we last dated. I admitted I wanted to give us another chance and we both agreed to take it slow by dating a bit.


When we first met, she introduced me to all her friends. They all like me or love me. Within the past couple weeks, I have gotten to meet the majority of her family including her parents and they all love me. According to her, I am the first guy she has dated that her parents even liked. Yesterday, her and her mother shared memories about when she was a kid.


On top of that, we have talked several times about us. How deep of a connection we have, our memories, we even talk about sex. Honestly, the only reason we haven't had sex yet is because we are trying to take it slow and make sure we don't rush things.


Any tips? This is the first time either of us have gone slow at all. Any advice and opinions are welcome, too.

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To take it slow without actually having sex is rather logical...

One thing you need to understand is, if there is no sex, there has to be a substitute. In other words, there is kissing, there is stuff you can touch (if she is comfortable with it and allows it) and there is fingering, basically you got the idea. At least that's how it works normally

You do these things slowly, without rushing, slowly getting there. Keep to it and eventually you both will know whether you want to take it further or just leave it as it is for now. Until then be a good bf, i.e. movies, occasional restaurant if you can afford it, walks on the beach, picnicks, picture taking, theme parks, late night calls, flowers...the list goes on and on...

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We usually sexually torment each other through text most nights, trying to get the other person as turned on as possible. And we already kiss.


We are both 21. Neither of us make enough money to live on our own so we are stuck living with out parents. We're both in college and make just enough money to pay for gas and a movie or two a week. So we can't afford an apartment. I invited her to stay the night, she said yes but both our parents are awkward about that so soon. So basically, we can't really finger or anything but kiss unless in the car and I'm a little nervous about doing that in the car.

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