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Male dumpers: If you have any regrets/doubts/other feelings, do you confide in your friends?

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Thank you for the answer.

I have heard, that men don´t talk about their feelings as much as women, so I am curious, if it applies to the breakup situation... if they are more prone to not being entirely truthful to their friends to maintain some kind of "manly impression"...?

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Of course we talk to our close friends and tell them the truth. We arent always the stereotype we are made out to be. We have feelings too and need to vent them sometimes. Look how many guys are on this board heart broken. Its not all about being macho.


That said, I would pay attention to DN's words. People often twist the truth. The farther something travels down the grapevine, the less truth it contains.


I agree with this statement. We do talk to our closest friends about our break ups.

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