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Should I go to swim lessons tonight? I like keeping with my workouts but my head is killing me. It's been like this most of the morning. I did eat breakfast and had my coffee and I also took some pain meds. My head still hurts like hell (it's the top of my head). I have swim lessons tonight and really would like to go, but if my head continues to hurt like this, I might not be able to go.


Not sure if headache is caused by weather out here.

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Actually my headache did end up going away.


I also went to my swim class since I wanted to get my workout in. I'm feeling better now, although I will probably go to bed early tonight.


Swam many laps today.


Just thought I'd chime in with the general rule for you guys re headaches:


When a doctor wants to know about your headaches: if you have more of them than usual, if they change in nature (used to be all over, now fixed in one area?) or if they get a lot worse.


Particular features of headaches doctors look out for: headaches that wake you from sleep, headaches that come on first thing in the mornings, headaches that make you feel nauseous, headaches accompanied by dizziness/fainting/fitting and most of all, headaches that cause you to throw up (especially if you aren't nauseous at the time!!)


That said 99.99% of headaches, even ones that are worse than normal or come on in the morning or come on while you feel sick, are harmless. However, if you have started getting any of the above regularly then it's definitely worth going to the docs to rule out anything serious, and most of the time they can tell you right there and then if it's something or if it's nothing

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