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CONFUSED...ex boyfriend contacted me today...would like to know why if....

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Today...i was on facebook only gettin on there to wish a friend of mines happy birthday..( i usually try to stay away from face book because of messiness) but any way My ex boyfried who i HAVENT HEARD FROM OR SEEN IN 2 YEARS contacted me for some weird reason...our relationship ended very badly....he left me for another woman...in which i believe he was already with...(i know sounds bad right) well today he so happened to pop chat me...asking me what i was doing then he began to say all the negative things about the kind of relationship we had like ( how it was jus sex etc) (and id have to admit that kinda hurt) when it wasnt i kno it wasnt and he knows it .....and not wanting anything to do with him ( because of what he had done) i just got upset and said everything that i wasnt able to say to him before...i literally went off on him, cussed him out, told him how much he hurt me, etc.....and he just acted completely dumb like he didnt know what i was talking about....which made me ever more upset...well to make a long story short....after we argued over the computer lol back and forth he proceed to tell me how he had a son and jus was asking me stuping question like did i wan to have sex with him....i really believe he has completely gon crazy....i don know what his problem is...when i tried to ask him what was his reason of contacting me....HE COULDNT ANSWER....i jus want to know WHY??? would he write me if he was intending on being so harsh and negitive i mean he jus coulda kept those things to him self and we both could have gone on about our dayz...PLESE HELP..JUS CURIOUS

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When a couple breaks up in a horrific way, they have reach the point of no return after that. Bad words were exchanged, one or both talk smack about each other, etc etc. After that... No way in heck is a friendship ever possible.


He was probably wanting to have his ego stroked by making you miserable on Facebook. Since you haven't spoke to him in years and moved along with your life nicely, like a child who eats up attention, he "breaks a vase" (meaning, he attacked your feelings.) just to get some. Sad, but people can be cruel like that.


Block him and move along.

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Since he was baiting you, I think he was trying to get a reaction out of you in order to feed his ego. Like, 'oh, I hurt this girl. Let me get her to yell at me about it so that I can feel powerful again'.


Next time, don't fall for it. Or better yet, block him, so there is never a next time!

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He knows you're an easy target. You two had an emotional and intimate past, and he knew he could say things to get a rise out of you. It could have been that he was upset about something currently going on in his life and just needed a "punching bag" or it could've been that he just wanted to see if you would acknowledge/care about what he was saying.


It's very discouraging how low and cruel people can be, but sometimes people just mess with others' minds because it makes them feel powerful


He sounds like an immature ass. Good job for finally telling him how you feel! Now be sure to delete him off of your Facebook and out of your life!

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Sometimes when people feel bad about themselves, they try to get other people to yell at them to confirm that they really are bad people. And they usually turn to the people whose buttons they can easily push because they know they will get the reaction that they want. It's one possible option.


Or he could just be a super jerk. It's really hard to know what's going on inside his head.

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