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It's called a break up, not a break down!

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Hey Yall'


Just a broken hearted GA girl looking to get over all of this mess and move on with my life. I was in books a million today, just tryin to find something, anything to get him off my mind. I found a book called "It's called a breakup, not a breakdown workbook" and its by Lisa Steadman. It's a 21 day workbook and I'm excited to start it. I wanted to share this experience with you guys and maybe we can all do this together. I'm going to post the instructions for day 1.


The book states before you get started you need something to chart your daily progress, a red sharpie marker and a journal.


For Day 1

-Throw a pity party for ONE!


In your journal everyday you should right how you feel, start it out with

Today I feel........ and just write a few sentences on how you feel starting out your day.


For your pitty party you should

1. Call in sick

2. Put on comfy clothes

3. Get plenty of tissues, food, blankets and moody music, movies.


The suggested activities for day 1 are that you have a good cry, it states that sure you may be tryin to be strong or think that your ex doesn't deserve your emottions but this isn't about your ex, its about you. Cry for all the stupid things your ex did and for all the many ways he disappointed you and eve for all the wonderful ways you loved him. Cry because its over, because what could have been will never be.


Watch appropriately moody movies

the book suggest

The Breakup

Bridget Jones Diary

Eterna Sunshine of the spotless mind

The First Wives Club

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The Holiday

The Notebook

The way we were


It also suggest that for the perfect pity party mix you make a CD

it gives some great songs, but suggest you make your own cd to reflect your own emotions.


It states you should preform an "Ex-orcism"

-On day 1 of your breakup recovery you need to get rid of any ecidence that your ex actually existed. Get rid of EVERYTHING. Toothbrushes, Tshirts, pictuers, books.. EVERYTHING.


Decided if you want to TRASH IT, DONATE IT or give it to someone for safe keeping.


For us angry girls, it gives better suggestions such as

Throw a ex boyfriend bonfire (my personal fav.)

Toss them out the window (the belongings not the ex)

Or sell all of his $hit on ebay!


Watch out for SET BACK ALERTS

-If you do decided to keep certin mementos from your ex its crucial that you hold yourself accountable for your actions. No rifling thru the box at 2 am no reading old lettes or text during the 21 day process. It will only lead to more regreatable phone calls or emails or text. If you want to keep things just give them to a friend for this 21 day process.


Write your Ex a letter. start your letter out like

Dear @$$Hole, Dear Jerk, To the scum of the earth.. etc.. get it ALL out of your system. It list some GREAT ideas on how to fill your letter full of juicy angst.


SETBACK ALERT for this workbook, DONT send this letter. We repeat DO NOT send this letter.


The book suggest that in your journal you list some GOOD REASONS for why your ex is gone and also some reasons why you ROCK without your ex!


I hope this helps you guys. I'm going to be doing this tomorrow... and I hope some of you will go thru this journey with me. I'll be posting day two soon and maybe just maybe we will make it thru this!


I love you guys and this website, you have no idea how good it makes me feel to know that I am not alone in this.

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Ok so day 1 is complete. I enjoyed the letter writing, I def said every nasty little thought I had to say to him.. to bad I cant send it to him lol I didnt cry today, I just didnt have to want or urge to cry over him. It wasn't easy but I have already boxed up his things and I've already gotten rid of a.k.a burned them. Right now I'm at home, alone and all I can think about is that I AM ALONE. Its so scary.. I'm afraiid and I just wish that I could feel diff. I feel like such a prisioner right now. If I go to the store, get out of the house I might run into them.. I might see someone who will tell me about my ex and his new girlfriend.. I dont want to hear about it.. ugh

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