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Did I do the right thing?


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Recently I went out on what I thought was a date with a woman friend I like. I asked her when she was free and she told me the next week. I thought about my schedule and I told Tuesday. She sent me a text that said that Tuesday is fine, but since this is too frequent this is not a date right? Which I thought to mean that she thought we were meeting as friends and nothing more. I responded by texting her this comment " Are you trying to hit on me because your doing a horrible job. You should get better stuff." I thought it was funny. She responded by texting this "All jokes aside, I am serious. I only want to be your friend. I will never be your girlfriend, so if you don't think you can handle that then we can't hang out." Took we a while to responded back to her,but when I did I texted this " your too damn good of a woman for me to lie to you. We can't hang out. While I say that I will say I enjoyed the time we had and I also enjoyed being around you. Goodnight! I am just wondering if this sounded like a good response? I am tired of lying to women saying I just want to be friends.

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