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help,cannot trust him !!!!

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married next week...and found out my future husband writes to a girl on facebook in his country just about everyday.thats why does not want our married status posted.on the page...and our photos..he states its just friend,but was a lot of sweet words involved,he denys....and he deleted me from Facebook...(he states its a computer error)I m dissapointed....so much.Please advice wedding next few days...not much money involved but...

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So his conversations with this woman inappropriate basically.


Wow, honestly, you got really lucky to discover this now and not after you have gotten married.


I wouldn't marry this guy because he's shown you his true colors. I would leave him because that is unacceptable. I know it would be hard and it would hurt you, but don't stay with this guy. He sounds like bad news.


I'm so sorry.

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Is he a citizen of your country? Do you think he is just marrying you to get citizenship??


I honestly would cancel the wedding. If you knew about her and were able to read all of his messages and you were friends with her too, and he was putting on there that he is getting married, then that would be different.


But if he is not letting you read his fb posts and he has deleted you as a friend, then that only spells trouble and heartache down the road...


NOT a good way to start a marriage. In fact, it is a way to end a marriage -- I know firsthand, because my husband (who was faithful for 22 years) had multiple online affairs in the months before we split up. It was devastating to me, to our children, to our extended families... And I would have never guessed he would do that.


In your case, you know it ahead of time. You can save yourself the grief I and my family have had...

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And if you DO decide to go through with this, which I would caution.. Protect yourself, be careful. but if you do. Consider asking him for total honesty. If he is going to marry you, he shouldnt have an issue giving you his FB password. ESPECIALLY if theres a question of trust.

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Well it just dont make sense why he deleted me from Facebook friends after i told him i will post photos of our wedding ceremony...and all those texts to this girl in his country...i just had a doubt about all this...and hiding the laptop ,not wanting me to see what he writes...

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Men LIE to the girls they love get used to it its true. BUT not this kind of lies, you dont do something like this to someone you truly love. I can understand flirting but this is way way way too much. He`s going to marry you why the hell would anyone want to lie about being married, unless he wants to bang her.

So my honest opinion is get ready for some pain and suffering and dump him without looking back.

Dont buy into any bullcrap he is gonna tell you because its pretty obvious where he stands. Its better to suffer a few months maybe even a year than to suffer in a fail marriage and then go through divorce or even worse ..ending up as a single mom

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I think you should call off the wedding and work on the relationship if you still want to have a relationship with this man. Definitely do not get married soon!


I agree to calling off the wedding, at least for now. It seems like maybe some signs were there all along but they didn't all add up until now. And I think what would send me over the edge would be that he "accidentally removed" YOU and not HER!!! Has he added you back since?

It's irrelevant, really. Don't enter into a marriage with all of these doubts and red flags. If it's right, you can get married later.

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