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Dating Question


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Okay, so i've been single for about year and a half and now recently seeing someone for 2 weeks. So I was never use to the fact of dating around or for it to carry on this long. Because any guys I went out with was only casual only and nothing more and I was use to that fact but now that i'm out on the dating scene I do have 1 question. Why, is dating so complicated ? And when did it become complicated ? And here is this man trying to educate me in the dating world. lol Seriously, what the hell Am I really out of it ? lol. Another thing I know for a fact that I am ready emotinally and mentally but why have men become complicated in general ? I took time off to work on myself from dating into getting myself ready emotinally and mentally so at least i have one successfull dating experince but seemingly getting complicated for some reason.

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