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Caught me of guard!


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I've been single for nearly three years . I think I built this wall around me so no one could hurt me and I don't want to be hurt .

I've moved to a new house and basically keep my self busy with work . I get asked out a lot but and have been on a few first dates but it never works out for me . The guy's are interested and some want a relationship but I never go through with it .


I really would love to meet someone and settle down but all the guy's I've met I know their not the one , so why waste time . Never been one for messing around with guys .


So 2 month ago someone guy is knocking on my door . I don't answer as I think it's someone trying to sell something but this guy was adamant . So finally answered the door . This guy was talking but I couldn't hear a word he was saying . I managed to blurt out sorry who are you ? I'm Dan we had an appointment for your kitchen blinds. I totally forgot about the appointment . Anyway he gave me the quote and we sat down and started talking for like 2.5 hours . It was weird as I felt happy I was smiling to my self ...very strange . Then I texted him saying hi and to give me another quote (didn't involve him coming around as he had measurements) . Lets just say since that day we spoke via text everyday until bedtime ....very weird.

But I was feeling happy and looked forward to his messages . By this point we'd talked about friends , family , love and work . I was starting to feel really close to him . We had a lot in common and had some same interests .


The day came to fit my blind and he asked if he could stay and watch TV with me after . Weird ...but ok ! He fitted my blind and after we had a glass of wine . We didn't watch TV at all , just talked and talked .

I did say to him if he just wants to keep it business like between us then fine . But he said no and that he enjoyed my company . Nothing has ever happened between us but this guy made me so happy . The things we talked about made me think that he might be the one . I don't feel like this about everyone but him their was something special .


The next day we started texting again ..all day . Finally I asked him if he would have dinner with me . He said he'd love to ...OMG if I wasn't on the bus home I would have been jumping up and down . I wanted to scream and jump around ...lol He then texted saying that he was looking forward to it .


So last Sunday I texted him saying can we do dinner Monday/Tuesday? I've heard nothing back from him . He's been really good at replying to my messages and even asked me once why I take for ever to get back to him sometimes (that day I was in the bath that's why) .

I keep saying to my self maybe he's busy but it's never been before that he hasn't replied after a few hours .


Now I'm questioning my self , why did I ever let my guard down ? When it comes to blokes I was really good at putting up a wall . What happened ?

Now I'm back in the same place and even more determined never to let my guard down .


This guy made me feel so happy that I was smiling to my self . Without a word he just stopped talking and that's it . We've never kissed or held hands , he never told me that he liked me yet complimented me sometimes but I feel like I've lost something very close to me .

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Oh, well this is a BUMMER!! I read your other thread and was very excited about your dinner so I can imagine how excited YOU were!! Why not give the texting a rest and give him a call?? It's very strange to go from texting several times a day to not responding to this invite.

I know how it can feel sometimes like you've gone from a happy high back to square one overnight. I'm really feeling the disappointment alongside you.

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These things happen. Dating is hard, and takes a lot of time and patience. Remember, anything good in life you have to earn. It would be healthier to get thicker skin and realize that people are people. So what if you get rejected? Does that make you any worse?

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Hi All

I sent him a text yesterday asking if he got my text from Sunday. He finally texted me last night saying that he was having problem with his phone and isn’t receiving all his text. Sounds like an excuse to me ...what do you think?




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