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Can I ever let my heart love again?


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So I have been seeing this new girl now for about a month, and she is the first girl I have been actually interested in since the breakup with my ex of 6 years back in December of last year.


I have always wanted to get out there and date again, but every time I do I feel like it just wasn't time, that there just wasn't a connection there.


This girl however is like a light at the end of the tunnel for me though. I am 23 and she is 20, and to be honest she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is kind, caring, loves to cook, works 2 jobs, and very smart. We have gone out on about 4 dates and we have always had a good time in each others company.


Last night though we were watching a movie, and something just didn't feel right. We started to kiss (we had kissed before), but it wasn't the same as the other times. She started out like normal but then proceeded to quick and forceful...I don't know it just didn't feel right.


I have also been noticing little things about her that kind of bug me. For instance she chews gum with her mouth open, and is noisy when she eats. I have no idea why things like this bug me but they are, and I think it is because I have been so used to one style of dating for so long that now I am in a whole different realm.


Am I just scared to put my heart out again? Am I afraid that I will be torn down like last time? I am so confused about these feelings, and I like this girl a lot but is this feeling of something wrong actually just the feeling that it is something new?


...Hopefully this didn't sound too crazy, but anybody have any thoughts?

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Listen mate, let your heart run free that's what it was given to you for, if she ends up dumping you don't let it bring you down not even for a minute cause you will and I promise you will find love again, sorry to get all Christian on you, but no matter what happens God will look over you cause this is all part of his plan to help you find the one the true love that will bring you complete and eternal happiness.



Hope I helped


Tony Faver

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I think it sounds like you're protecting yourself from getting too attached to her. I know that I did it myself before I was really ready to move on.

Getting involved with someone carries the risk of getting my heart mashed again but I'd rather risk that than throw away the rest of my romantic future because I went out with a few guys who were wrong for me.

The next guy could be the one I'll spend forever with so I'm not going to let the way my last ex hurt me hold me back from that.

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