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Ready to get over it..

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My ex fiancé and I were together for almost 6 years (Anniversary would have been tomorrow)


I left him for another man back in January. I left because I was unhappy. He didn’t pay me any attention, he was one of those men that couldn’t do anything (I fixed everything that broke, was in charge, wore the pants so to speak) and he was out of work for over a year. He didn’t care, he didn’t try.

Our life consisted of him stealing from Walmart, trying to come up with schemes or cons to get money. It sucked really bad! I worked all day, came home to a dirty house.. stuff like that


I met a guy who swept me off my feet, told me I was beautiful, made me feel loved beyond words. I had no choice.. I did leave. Me leaving he woke up and begged me to try, cried for me to try but he never actually got off his ass to get a job! Nothing!


In April I wanted to work things out, he played with my mind. I caught him sleeping with his friends wife. . and it hurt so bad.. but what room did I have to get mad?


-I don’t think that I want to be back with him, I think that I just miss some of the things he and I use to do.. I just miss the companionship.. I miss the old days.. but I know my life is better off without him… I just guess I miss him out of habit ya know? [/b][/font][/center]

The new guy.. the one who “swept me off my feet” he is older he has kids and I don’t like the idea of him spending more time with me than his own kids. I am not one of those girls.. I’m happy to have my own life, my own place but my heart still hurts for some reason.. I’m not over it yet..

If I left.. why am I hurting so badly? I feel alone and sad and I just want it to pass.. [/center]

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You were together for 6 years, you were planning on marrying him. Your head told you the right thing, to leave (he sounds like a really bad chocie for a husband). But your heart doesn't agree with it yet. That's natural. I'd be more worried if you were able to leave without looking back or feeling sad for what you once had.


Maybe you should make a list of the things you miss about him, and the things that you couldn't tolerate. Sometimes it helps to see it in black and white. Keep adding to it over the next week, and see what you end up with.


Mostly, feeling sad over leaving someone who was an important part of your life for 6 years is normal. You have to grieve. It will pass.

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It is harder because you never gave yourself the chance to heal..you went straight from him to someone else so you just got caught up in the feeling of having someone pay attention to you and never took the time to process your 6 year relationship and its demise. What is happening now is that your emotions finally caught up with you and you are mourning the loss of the first relationship.

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