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Do i just back off? Bf acting very strange suddenly.


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im really confused right now. i saw my bf tonight. We got into bed and watched a movie - but i fell asleep towards the end. i woke up and he was trying to take off my underwear....anyways, about 5 mins later he just stops and rolls over. He randomly asks me if i think we have stuff in common. every time he spoke it was short and snappy.


i woke up and he's in this mood. i have no idea what happened. or if i did something. he said i didn't do anything. I asked him if he wants me to leave (his house) and just shrugged. I left - it was 3am.


i have a feeling he wants to break up. i dont know why even tho Last week he bought me a gift (a very thoughtful gift too), something important happened today that he remembered that i never thought he would as i told him 2 weeks ago, but he asked how it went etc. And then earlier this week he was coming up with idea for a vacation. But theres been no sex for almost 2 weeks.



what do i do? Do i just back off and give him space, dont text, dont reply etc?

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wow, this sound EXACTLY like my ex. One minute he was showering me with gifts, love and affection, and the next he was more distant then the east is from the west.


I discovered that this was a type of controlling behavior about him. He would try and control my emotions and make me feel guilty about things. If certain things didn't go his way he would throw a fit and not communicate and try to focus the issue on me and start asking me random questions. I couldn't be more confused about his sudden switch in mood and couldn't take it. If he wasn't willing to communicate then there wasn't much I could do.I wasn't going to try and read his mind and that's what he wanted. He wanted me to know immediately what was wrong with him and cater to his needs.


It seems with him advancing toward you sexually and you not responding he took it to the heart and assumed you weren't interested, even though you were dozing off, and copped an attitude. Totally unfair to you


It also sounds like he's had a lot on his mind and now all of his frustrations are coming out because he chose not to communicate with you. How was his past relationships..do you know? It seems he has some issues with himself that has absolutely nothing to do with you.


I would suggest you tell him he needs to be open and communicate with you and that there's not much you can do to help if he's not willing to open up. Otherwise, what's the point of the relationship?

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i might have woke up and then he was trying to. Can't remember that part too well as i just woke up.


He probably has had a lot on his mind. few week ago i met all his work friends. but tonight felt like the problem he has was me. like we dont have enough in common to be together. I can't even remember the last time he said i love you. He said it first about 7 months ago.


Do couple have to have everything in common?


He'll either send me a text today saying sorry for last night he was weird mood. Or i wont hear from him for day and days.


He has done this before. Acted so weird its made me question the relationship. And he is never clear if its me or something else.


Do i just let him contact me? do i text him at all after last night? he has been feeling ill for about a month and he gets meds for it and it comes and goes but its one of those things that isn't 'massive' but very distracting and debilitating.

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