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Friends with benefits or not... ?


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Me and my girlfriend of 7 months just broke up. There was a lot of negative tension between us, but we are going to continue to live together because we are business partners and we have mutually agreed that the romantic aspects of the relationship are over.


She said she wants to still have sex every now and then. I told her no or at least that we should wait a while to feel out what it's gonna be like now that we aren't in a relationship.


What do you think? Safe territory or really really really bad idea?

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I don't think your ex would be sleeping with you for romantic reasons or to keep any flame going. She'd be doing it out of convenience, really. You're there, she knows you, she's comfortable with you, etc. If I were you, I'd steer clear of sleeping with her. Keep it all about business between you two.

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Thanks for your replies..


Say I wanted to, but just not yet. Do you think it's better to start right away or wait a couple of months? Like if we are doing well as friends and in a couple of months we sleep together, we might feel close again and forget the reasons why we are keeping things professional. I don't want that to happen. But if we start now and set clear boundaries... NEVERMIND. Bad Idea. The sex is too good and we are always lovey dovey afterwards. It's just not gonna be a good situation either way.

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