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  1. WOW, Wayfara.. I haven't been here in a while and reading some of your posts I am so surprized. I'm glad to hear yall are in a relationship now but it sounds super frustrating.. you are one strong girl. I'll try to come back and read more, but right now I am at school and I don't have the time. The story keeps getting better and better. That poor girl needs therapy for real. You just keep being you and showing her love.
  2. I haven't logged in here in a while.. I didn't realize you were still writing on this post.. when I get the chance i'll have to read up to the last post I missed. Hope you are all well.
  3. E is in love with you girl. Keep being her friend. Just go out with guys as friends.
  4. That's good Wayfara.. I don't think the story is going to be over, but that is a nice way to get closure and gain a best friend. Just think at least it's better than not having her in your life at all. Cherish it, enjoy it, and be the best friend you can be, because you really have helped open her world up. *(hugs)*
  5. Awww, Wayfara! Give her some time and I think she will come around. (hugs) - she never had that before.. she probably wanted that kiss just as much as you did. She's scared. I like the idea about pizza coupon. lol
  6. Cute. Well I just want to send you some encouragement. I'll tell you a story.. When I was 18 I fell in love with a woman and I could never tell her because I was afraid what she would think and afraid how her family would react towards me b/c we were all friends. Well I was too scared and never told her about how I felt.. then I told her sister in confidence and one day she told her and then the girl i liked didn't want to talk to me anymore. I was so scared. :sad: - I visited her mom and her mom told me that she was embarrased b/c her sisters were teasing her about it and she wished I wou
  7. Cool.. yea it's easy to talk about other people.
  8. I agree with everything that was written above ^^^
  9. Maybe you can ask her for a bite of something and then lean over with your mouth open like you want her to feed it to you and see what she does. Also, your idea on saying you support gay marriage would be a good topic. Or.. rent a lesbian flick and watch it together. ?
  10. OH MY GAWD.. that girl wants you!!!! How hot was that.. I know you were freaking out there. She still doesn't get it.. she thinks your straight.
  11. LOL.. nope, I'm 5'11, full-figured, shoulder length brown hair. I'm an aggressive Femme.
  12. Well in my vision you are taller, light brown hair, and slim. She is shorter, short dark hair, and a little thicker than you. Do one or both of you wear glasses? Can u give me some descriptions? LOL
  13. I have this cool vision in my head of the whole situation. What you all look like, etc. lol. I feel like a big sister watching you guys. lol.
  14. Good advice aquatic. Wayfara, that girl loves you!
  15. Sooo, how'd it go? I really hope it went well.. Honestly, I think that E does like you in a romantic way and I think that what she said to your mom about if she liked a girl, she would pick a girl who liked girls.. to me that means that she wouldn't go after you b/c she thinks your straight. After reading a lot of your posts, I think that she thinks your straight as she still thinks you really have a huge crush on that guy.. b or whatever his name was. lol. I'm just going to say something here.. If you already have got to the point where your like gonna drop her as a friend b/c you thin
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