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Whats the best first thing to do to get a man turned on?


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The next time you go out wear a skirt and "forget" your panties. When you're out tell him you "forgot" them. He will be distracted the rest of the evening, especially if you throw in a few comments like it being drafty or getting a chill even more especially if your skirt were to accidentally slide up your thigh sometime when you were sitting.

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for me, nibbling on my ears is like a shortcut to my pleasure center. done properly it feels better than just about anything else for some reason. my gf knows this, and uses it to render me at her mercy whenever she pleases.

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I agree with pretty much everyone here. Guys are certainly not afraid of being come onto fairly strong- in fact most like it better this way!


So yes, visual hints (boobage lol), along with ear nibbling, thighs/chest touching and a bit of dirty talk are a sure fire way to get him in the mood.


And that's if you don't wanna come right out and grab what you really want! I understand not wanting him to think that you are his sex toy for life, which is why you don't wanna come right out and say it; but I honestly think you need to eventually get to a stage where this sort of exchange is natural.

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