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  1. Thank you for your help, just pmed avman then
  2. Hi. I used to post on enotalone pretty frequently a while ago and shared a fair few personal things about myself that I no longer want people I know having possible access to. I say this because my username (as well as some of the things I have posted) makes it pretty easy for people who know me to determine my identity and find out things which I would like to keep more private (or at least not connected with me when posted on the internet). I know my posts and threads cannot be deleted and I completely understand why this is not possible, but I would like to pretty much dissassociate myself
  3. Bro Code Article 34: Bros can not make eye contact during the devil's three-way. That is all. But yeah in all seriousness I would watch out for everything everyone has said here. Oh and what Russel Brand has said about further dangers including "nutbrush" and accidentally getting a little bit of spunk on the other guy.
  4. I've had casual thoughts about how *great* it would be to have a baby- and even had daydreams about settling down every once in a while (even though I'm only 18 )- but I think this is a completely different story. I know I definitely want to have kids when I'm older but right now I'm more scared about the effectiveness of contraception at keeping from having that baby! I know of guys who want to have kids at my age; one guy actually succeeded at getting an 18 year old classmate of mine pregnant after his last girlfriend said no... they are going out and I think are getting married but I d
  5. In terms of any health issues (here is pregnancy, infection, STDs) no offense to anyone who has posted here, but it's a lot more reliable to get this information from people with all the degrees and qualifications to say that they KNOW everything on the subject. Again, while I mean no offense because mot of the people on here are really nice and informed, anyone can post on these forums. Anyone with a computer can make up their own false opinions or life experiences (whether they are true or not and they could be true) and relying on that is only asking for you to get stung. If you don't wa
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