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First Date Ideas?


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So, met someone for coffee a week ago. We plan to do something this Saturday afternoon and I'm trying to come up with something for us to do. Until now, I've always dated woman that I've known as a friend for a while so we already were comfortable doing things together. But this is with someone that I met online and this will be our second time together. A good first date idea? Maybe some kind of activity and then getting something to eat somewhere casual? What do most people do on their first dates?

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Depending on you/your date, I LOVE to come up with unique ideas, because it sets the stage for the entire future. Just imagine them going home and telling their friends about the fun first date you planned.


Here are some ideas I like, and thtey are quite different since i have no idea what your interest are:


-Feeding ducks/animals at a local park.

-Fair/Carnival/Theme park (adrenaline from such rides is scientifically shown to increase body arousal, which can lead to more sexual desire for each other. Same goes with scary flicks).

-Sporting event (college or professional)


These only work if you know some of their interests beforehand. If not, do something like casual dining and if you discover some of their interests, offer spontaneous plans!

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I had a first date yesterday with this lady at a food festival happening in my neck of the woods. There was live music , plenty of food , and a pub nearby that we went to afterwards.


Summertime hangs are excellent. Parks , beaches , things like that.

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