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I'm on 5th day NC.


Today has been a very very productive day. I've been lazing around during the summer being emo about my ex.

Yesterday, I got a job offer. Just a summer position so I can make some extra cash.

I went to the gym this morning for a hour, and then went to counseling

I booked appointments for school (doctor's medical forms, lessons for driving, financial assistance) etc.

I've been moving around all day, I'm exhausted. I need to organize my documents for school. VERY VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY. I treated myself with a chocolate bar.LOL


I'm very nervous about starting school without my ex as support. I cried today during my counseling session.

Last night when I received the job offer, my dad made the comment "They only hired her because they couldn't find anyone else". That made me upset, and realized how much my ex believed in me and supported me.

My dad has been putting me down a lot lately. He thinks I won't graduate and get a job, he says I'm too fat, etc.

I need to learn to be independent and have confidence.


One step at a time....

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WELL DONE! Well done on your productive day. These days are good for your healing process- you have a bounce in your step that is completely yours, and it involves things that don't include the ex.

I had one of them days recently. These are the things we need to remind ourselves of. These are the steps to building a future without our ex swimming about.

Try and ignore your dad .... negativity needs weeding out. Especially at vulnerable times like this. Time to prioritise, re-evaluate and be productive.

We seem to be on the same journey. I am on day 23. One day at a time indeed.

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