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I think I love him...


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We started talking in November, I asked him if we were ever going to date in January he said he wanted to wait to see if he was going far away for football. He ended up going to the other side of the country. I"m still in high school, so its understandable he wouldnt want to date me. He ended 'it' (our unoffical relationship) two months before school ended(in March) 2 months later(May) he was sorta talking to this girl/hooking up with her. We still talked alot after our up and down roller coaster after he ended it. (it was PERFECT when we were talking and he told me he liked me alot. He told me that he liked that girl and but he has alwasys liked me. Now he texts me atleast once everyday and says something about how he's not looking forward to his am workout or just says 'what are you doing'.

Today he texted me. I didnt text him back. Then he wrote me on skype. I signed off before i saw he wrote me. Then, He texted me again that night. I didnt text back. So he called me I finally answered and said "sorry my phone about to die can i talk to you later" he was like "oh wow good excuse.. just skype me when you get home" so I get home and we skype with his roommate in his room for like an hour, because he had 5 am workout!


is there any chance he still likes me?Is it possible to like two people at once? I know it doesnt REALLY matter because he's half way accross the country. I just wanna know what you think! let me know!! (: its only been 3 weeks sense he's left.

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It is possible to like 2 people at once, and I think it happens to many people. However, I think they always end up liking one more, and in this case, you would be the one to lose. He likes the other girl, you're so far away, etc. This is a loss that you should just cut early to save yourself time and energy. There's really not much you can do. Think to yourself that he's just trying to talk to you so badly because he knows you like him but you suddenly started avoiding him, not because he likes you in that way.

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How can you tell he likes you, just because he keeps sending messages to you.


I know some guys who usually do that just because they like doing that, not because they like the girl or something.


It's easier to tell if you can talk to him face by face, and meet each other more often.


Do you understand what i mean ?

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