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Im only 15, but im mature for my age. I also live in Ireland.

I am angry because of the gay rights bill being passed.

(the bill states that the wife is now a spouse to the other women, however children are not involved and so inheritance is f***ed up)

Why in the hell is it only being passed now?! Why is the Irish government a bunch of homophobes. God has nothing to do with the argument, not all of us are catholics! I have turned away from religion because of its blatant disregard for gay people and their feelings. Is it because they are not able to procreate?

who cares?! they are able to adopt children and give them a life exactly as a heterosexual couple would.

This is a form of racism! It must be stopped. I have not decided my sexual preference yet but whatever i decide i would like to have equal rights either way. why is this so difficult.

there is a saying, love is blind and it is. it loves what it wants to and does not care about law or rules so why should we?


please help me understand why we are still in the stone age?

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