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How can i get my confidence back??


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I have just split up with my ex now for 2 months after being with each other for 2 years


i am sufferring from low self esteem and find being how i was before i met him very difficult.


My ex shouted at me alot and didnt make me feel great and cheated in the end, making me feel worthless and rejected.


How can i get back the confidence i had? any tips or ideas. i have been out with my friends since and they say that i am a different person now.. i want the old me back. the girl who was fun and could talk to anyone!!


I am 31 so time is ticking by!!! thanks for listening xx

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Makeover sounds like a great idea!

If you have a look at transactional analysis it tells us that our thoughts affect our feelings which affect our behaviour.

Interestingly we can turn it around too; by changing our behaviour we can change our feelings and therefore change our thoughts, "resetting" them and allowing a much more positive thoughts/feelings/behaviour "flow"

So identify where you are lacking in confidence and address that.

When I was with my last partner I never had the time or money to look after myself or buy clothes so that was where I started.

What I do now when I'm feeling down is have a shower, shave my legs etc, moisturise, do a facial, dry and style my hair and give myself a pedicure and manicure. This takes about four hours and I do it in front of my laptop watching a couple of DVDs or listening to music.

First couple of times I did it I felt ridiculous, like I was fifteen again but now I think it's sad that I thought it was okay to spend no time and effort on myself and my appearance.

So I basically give myself four hours worth of pure indulgence, it costs me nothing and I feel so much better because I know I look good at the end of it.

Try it, it worked wonders for me

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