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Blocking emails?


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My friend is a personal trainer and befriended one of her clients, Anyway too make a long story short he made a pass at her and she put an end to the friendship.


So then he started emailing her, she told him to stop emailing but he doesn't. The emails stop for a few months then he returns Every once in a while she gets an email from him saying "I want to F you". The latest email he said he was looking for houses in her town (very small town 180km away) and wanted her advice. She didn't reply.


Is there anyway to block email on Hotmail? Besides that what else can she do?


Thanks for any advice.

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Yes, you can go into Options, More Options, and select Safe and blocked senders. In there you can block an email address from sending mail to you.


If the guy gets more persistent though she may have to look into a harassment restraining order. He sounds like he might be kind of whacked.

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Yeah, if she blocks his email address, won't it just appear to him as though she's ignoring him? He could start sending some really off the wall things, and she would never receive it as a warning, or evidence in the event of a restraining order. What if he sent her an email saying "I'm coming after you", and she never got it & he just pursued her because he was angry she is ignoring him? Or will the email bounce back to him?

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It sounds to me like he didn't get the hint the first time. She should just tell him next time he contacts her: "I don't feel comfortable dating you and nothing is going to change that. Since you won't leave me alone I've decided to block all future e-mails from you. Please move on."


If he still doesn't get the hint and comes back with a new e-mail address then she should give him one last warning to stop before getting the cops involved.


If he's really dense enough to continue pursuing her at that point then she's got a legitimate reason to get the law involved.

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