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1 year old cat died, can't stop feeling sad


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My one year old cat died this morning, he was hit by a car and we nursed him over night and took him to the vets this morning. I stupidly got my hopes up that he'd be ok but it turned out that his kidneys and bladder were really badly damaged and they had to put him to sleep.


This was over 12 hours ago and yet now I cannot think of anything else, I can't seem to help myself from crying and I miss him so much. I loved him more than I have ever loved any animal, and more than I love a lot of people. He has a unique personality and I keep thinking I'm going to see him again, and when it hits me that I won't I feel so miserable.


I guess really I am just asking if feeling like this is normal, because it feels like I have lost my best friend and I can't even sleep because of how I feel, I just miss him.


Also, is there anything I could do that might help this feeling, or make it go away?

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Oh my god, I am so sorry!!! Of course what you're feeling is normal. Your baby's death was very sudden, it's completely different than losing an older pet whose time it is to leave. Please allow yourself to grieve this as you would any other loss. Pets are family members. I just lost 2 cats within 2 months of each other and I'm STILL grieving. I catch myself looking at "her" chair to see if she's there.. and when I remember she's gone, I feel an overwhelming sadness.


Unfortunately, you can't make it go away. Only time will heal the wound. Just give yourself time. I'm so so sorry.

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Aww, sweetie I'm so sorry. You did the best you could with what happened and I can tell that you were a great mama to him. So many kitties don't have that kind of love.


I don't think there's anything that you can do to make the feeling go away. You've just got to feel the sadness and eventually it will lessen. It's hard, but I promise you'll get through it.


Can you write him a goodbye letter? It may help to get your feelings out that way.


Hugs to you.

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I'm so sorry =(


It's definitely normal how you're feeling. I lost my kitty 6 months ago and I was devastated. I felt like she still needed me to take care of her (she had cancer) wherever she was and she didn't know where I went. It helps to think I'll see her again someday because when I think I won't it's too overwhelming. The pain does slowly go away, but I still cry every once in a while.


Again, I'm really sorry for the loss of your friend.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my Teddy Bear two years ago and was devastated. It took a long time to heal. I ended up getting two other puppies so I'd never have to go through a loss like that again. Now the two puppies are going to be two and they are my babies.


When the time is right, you might want to get another kitty. In the meantime, cry and mourn. It will get better, I promise. What you're feeling is perfectly normal. Let's face it - often animals are better than humans and when we lose them it's even worse.

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Thank you so much for all of your replies, it helps to know that other people have felt the same way as I do now.


I just went down to where he used to sleep and one of his brushes were still there, thought I was feeling better but it just made me cry again but I'm still in denial and I don't know how to accept it. He was too young to die and all I keep thinking about is what if things were different

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I'm so sorry!


I know how you feel. My rabbit died a few days ago, and it was horrible because she was too young and she died in distress and pain. It was unbearable watching her suffer like that.


Please don't feel guilty. You did everything you could to help him and you were there for him, which would have made him feel safer before he died. You gave him comfort.


Remember that you are grieving, just like if you lost a friend. So it's completely normal to feel this sad x

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