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Divorce & Cultures ( Need alot of input)


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I'm not on here writing about my divorce in particular. I just want a couple of input or advices because seeminly I cant seem to understand on why Divorce plays a big role in Cultures. ( sorry didnt know whether it goes in the Divorce Section or Culture )


I'm muslim ( persian) but was raised in born here in the United States so dont really dont have any knowledge of how the Culture works in the muslim world when 2 people divorce. From what I heard from a few people which is my understanding and my beliefs is that basically when your done your done and you have nothing to do with each other anymore and pretend that nothing ever existed. To me that's wrong. Why, cant 2 divorced people be civil to one another ? Without having to make anything into a big deal ?


Is it the same with other Cultures? Like Catholics, or Jewish and etc ? Is that the way it works these days ?


Please help me understand maybe I'm the one that not up to date anymore.

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I'm civil with my 2nd ex husband, because he's a civil human being. However with my 1st we are not and we not and that in part had to due with cultural differences. He viewed me as property and couldn't cope with me moving on, and ruined my 2nd marriage, killed my son emotionally through his rottenness and just really made life miserable. Now that my son is gone so is he.


I'm catholic btw, and neither of my husbands were. I'm being much pickier now and because of it may end up being single.

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I don't think it has much to do with culture but rather a lot to do with personality and the circumstances of the divorce. Many people end their relationship amicably and are able to be civil, friendly and all that. Others want nothing to do with each other, even when there ARE kids involved. I think it depends on the relationship itself and the invdividuals more than religion or culture.

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