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I need some advice.


2 years ago my I ended a 2 year relationship with my ex because i was scared to take that next step (childish). I never stopped loving her till this day. After the initial break up, she did not want a boyfriend, and about a few months after we ended she was with this other guy for a few months. A rebound. She later broke up with him because she still had feelings for me, and told me this.


6 months ago she comes back in the picture, i take things slow, and cautiously since she's hurt me so bad in the past. (The year after the breakup was rough!) In those 6 months I never brought up the past, and never told her how I still loved her. Tried to keep things light, guess they were TOO light. She thought we grew apart because my lack of emotion didn't give her any signs of my feelings. The truth was that I didn't want to scare her away and say I love you right away. I thought we grew closer for what she was telling me, but she thought we were growing apart for my lack of.


The other day I got a phone call from her saying she's "kinda in a relationship with another guy." I wrote a long letter finally explaining my feelings to her. Feelings that were genuine. We met and I told her this, she said i'm "the one" last month, but I didn't reciprocate verbally at the time, but I shared the same feeling...but didn't let her know it. I didn't know it at the time but i was pushing her away. So she's with another guy because she thought I didn't care, or love her. Now she knows how I feel, but she's involved with this other guy, and said she really likes him. I said I can't be friends while she's dating someone else and wished her the best with the new relationship. We have not spoken since.


Is it possible to have two rebounds?

(Initial Relationship, breakup, rebound, us giving it another shot, rebound)


There's nothing else I can do, and I need to go out and have a good time, but my phone is sitting right next to me, and i am waiting for that text from her asking to see me.


I'm alone with my thoughts and that can be dangerous

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"Is it possible to have two rebounds?"


A rebound is just an idea. It's the idea of a kind of shallow relationship (that won't last long) that someone gets into right after being in a serious relationship.


It's possible to have a ton of shallow relationships. It's easy to be in a lot of short term casual dating things but no I wouldn't call it a rebound if she has dated someone else already and it's been over a year. That doesn't mean it will last. And it doesn't mean it won't.

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Just because you want to call it a rebound, doesnt make it a rebound. When a person starts dating another following a breakup, it doesnt mean its a rebound. Its all about the persons emotional state of mind.


Generally, dumpees are proned to rebound relationships. They are on the 'rebound' from being dumped and are looking for some emotional healing, so glaring holes in the new relationship are overlooked.


Dumpers on the other hand are generally emotionally detached from the relationship long before the breakup occurs. They are generally more likely to be ready to move into a relationship, and arent looking for a void to be filled.


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