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Could she be the "other woman"? Is this the end? :(


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About a week and a half ago my boyfriend told me that this girl at work said to him on msn “why don’t you talk to me at work? You’re my new best friend”. He seemed to think she was annoying in his tone. Then she wrote some stuff on his fb wall about being "besties for life" and he replied with a similar wall post. He left to go overseas on saturday morning, on thursday she posted : "naww only 1 more day then i wont see you for 2 weeks *sad face*". Which he replied to with "naww, i know! ill miss you *smiley face* my bestieeee


Last week we had a fight and he said he wasn’t sure of his feelings for me anymore, and wouldn’t say I love you for a whole week. He left to go overseas on Saturday morning, I wasn’t planning on seeing him before then but then on Thursday night I decided I would go see him Friday afternoon before he left because I didn’t want him to leave in such a way. We had another fight because he said he had plans to go out and I said I’d come along too and he didn’t want me to. We made up and he said it was fine if I came along and I’d meet "her" too.


I got there Friday afternoon and he said we weren’t going because he needed to pack. We got home and he had everything folded all he had to do was put it in the suitcase, only took about 5 mins. I knew he didn’t take me because he didn’t want me to meet her, but then I was glad we didn’t go. He spent his last night in the country with me and ditched her. We spent our last night together and it was great, no arguements at all, everything seemed normal.


On Thursday night he told me they were “besties” and had been for about 2 weeks. He told her details of our fight which I hate. He told me she hugs him at work when he’s depressed. I get the feeling she likes him and is trying to get him to break up with me.


Then 10 hours ago he wrote on her wall : "heya, dont have cred... will prolly get some tomorrow or sometime next week ill b on fb every now n then so ill tty then if u on Cya bestieee hope all is well. x". And she replied with "Cool work is good I'm doing jess job for 2 weeks so mmm hard lol hope ur holiday is going well xx".


He didn’t write on my wall at all, which I was expecting or at least a fb message. About 30 mins ago I went looking for food and while I was away he goes to me on fb chat : We need to talk later. I’m going out now, hope you’re fine I have no idea what to think... Especially after him writing on her wall and both of them using “x’s”.


I have no idea what to do, I've been in tears for about a week or so now, but this has just made it worse...

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Well, I think he is getting emotionally involved with her and thats not cool in my opinion. Maybe he likes the attention? If it were bad I don't think he would have put the smiley next to "we need to talk later"


Yeah I agree, they are getting too close in my opinion and they haven't even known each other long. It did sound serious but yeah he put a smiley so it confused me... I'll just have to wait and see I suppose...

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sounds like this chapter is coming to a close.... maybe it'd be better to close the book yourself?


As much as I hate to think it, it seems like it is the end... Even then I can't end it myself, especially not now in such a rushed sense, I ended it once 2 months ago without thinking and neither of us has really recovered fully yet. May as well wait and see what he has to say though. I keep thinking "I wish he would break up with me, hook up with her and then soon after she would break up with him", all the crap he has put me through, not many people would stick around. Maybe then he'd realize how much I really do put up with. Haha wishful thinking I suppose.

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