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Would you report your ex...professor/student relations?

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So, just had a very short FWB experience with my ex...it ended in absolute disaster/heartache. I felt like I was the one being used (as a guy, imagine that!), and I ended up GOING OFF on my ex. It was quite tragic, actually. She deserved what she got.


I may give more details on what happened later, BUT here is my dilemma now. She is a professor/program director over a small program at a college. I found out she slept with one of her students and I even have an email where she admits it. I know many schools have very specific rules prohibiting this sort of behavior...in fact, wouldn't this be a fireable offense? She is not tenured or anything.


SOOOO...I have a perfect opportunity to get even with this * * * * * ...Should I report her to HR, and possibly make her lose her job? Would YOU?

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No, I wouldn't. It's being vindictive and immature.


Of course there would be that little part of me that would just want to screw up their life... but it's not worth it. Just move on and know she wasn't the one for you. Don't screw with her livelihood though. As unprofessional as it may be, just let it go.

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Sounds like you are bitter and very angry and seeking revenge. Revenge is never sweet. All it is is a waste of energy, immature and makes you look equally bad. It's playing games (which usually have a nasty habit of coming right back to bite you in the a$$).


Happiness is the sweetest revenge. Walk away from it with your head held high and your dignity in tact.


As to your question: "would you report her to make her lose her job?" - NO, I would not. It usually gets found out all on it's own without me needing to get involved in any dirty laundry being aired.

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