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If you thought they were worth it... THINK AGAIN!

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I'm posting this under a different username as I don't want anyone who knows me to see it, esp the ex!


All of you will know who I am as I post a lot and if you don't just message me.


Well, I have been dealing with this break up since the weekend. Third time we broke up. Anyway.... I was starting to have hope again that we would get back together some day... I'm ashamed to admit that I even looked at the GBT forum again. I can't believe what a COMPLETE IDIOT I have been all this time.


Here is me, heartbroken that it didn't work out. I felt he was the ONE and that now I had lost him, he would always be the one who got away. I have gone over and over things in my head all week and I haven't been eating or sleeping. I even thought that maybe he would realise his mistake and want me back one day.


Now I have kept away from his facebook and deleted his as a friend. Curiousuty got the better of me and tonight I had a look.


Well what I found was something I wouldn't have thought in my wildest dreams.


He is slagging me off to girlfriends on there. Telling them that I deleted numbers from his phone when he we was sleeping. This is NOT TRUE AT ALL and other stuff.


Also the weekend just gone he went to a festival. I was ill in bed. This was also a festival that he would never let me go to.


Well he met a girl there, and has been posting on her wall. Saying things like when he got back home, he opened up the peanut butter and it still had her finger marks in. On the Friday whilst he was there he didnt text once to see how I was. Now he is talking to her all the time asking if he can drive to see her, she isn't from around here and inviting him out with him where we live. He also told her that we broke up a few weeks ago and it's only been a week.


I just cannot believe it. I looked because a friend told me it would be better to see what he is actually like. I do feel better but I feel sick to my stomach. It has stopped me from hoping though. I could never take him back after this so all that hope has gone which I'm guessing is a good thing.


Why would he lie?


I have had it. I gave all I could and it was for nothing. It was all lies! I loved him with all my heart. I told him this in the last email I sent during the BU. I also said that I was letting him go.


He has done this before. Slagged me off to everyone who would listen then came back. I'll be damned if it happens again.


I've started packing up his belongings and everything he ever gave me and I'm sending it all back. It makes me feel dirty having it around. I can hardly bare to touch it. This is THE END!


Any comments or words of advice would be very much appreciated.

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I wish I knew what to tell you - I broke up w/ my ex 2 months ago, and even tho he was an immature jerk, I still miss him and care about him. I found out this weekend that he had a dating profile-he contacted my best friend through it to tell her congrats on her college graduation. She showed me the profile, and it said he started it 11 days after our breakup. I wonder what he was telling girls who contacted him through it--I mean, during that time, he was still trying to get back with me.


I'm losing faith and hope in humans in general; I'm starting to think they are all liars.

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