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What do you think of this situation...


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Hello everybody, I have an interesting situation that I would like peoples views on please. I'll tell you a little about my situation and then you can tell me what you think.


So at my work there's this very attractive girl who sits beside me. Over the past couple months we've been flirting quite a bit but it's never been anything serious just playful flirting... I am definitely attracted to her I don't know how if the same goes for her but I believe there might be something there I'll explain why...


Now here is where the interesting part comes in. She has a bf (go figure looking the way she does) but she tells me quite a bit about how jealous he is which makes him very controlling. This guy takes her phone away from her and tries to see her messages and she pretty much lets him do this! I'll never understand why girls let guys do this but then again I don't know if this guy is abusive or not I just know they live together so maybe she's scared to leave him because she wouldn't have anywhere to go.


Anyways... So because I knew she had a bf I didn't press it any further... I just played it cool and calm. Then one day she tells me how we should all hangout sometime and that I should text her and gave me her number. So now of course what do I do? I'd be stupid to not want to hangout with this girl shes gorgeous and from what I've been able to find out about her she seems really cool of a person too which is a shock cause she totally striked me as the type of girl who was all about her. That and it was really refreshing for a hot girl to give me her number and not having to grovel at her feet for her number like most guys lol.


So ok now this was about a month ago or more that she gave me her number. We've hung out one time away from work she was with a few of her friends and I was with a few of mine so it was a bunch of us nothing serious. Now here comes the real interesting part! yesterday she invited me and my friend to come out to her parents house to swim and have a few drinks (her bf obviously not around). Again I'd be a fool to not go and would probably kick myself in the teeth afterward if I said no.


So now that you know a little about my situation here what are your views on it? Guys if you were me would you go for it... and Girls does she sound like shes interested or is this some sort of game shes playing?

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lol, wonder why her boyfriend is suspicious of her?


She has a boyfriend, what do you think will happen? The BEST she can possibly offer you is meaningless sex, no strings attached. But good luck having no strings attached when you see her at work every day.


She probably just wants to use you for attention. But, in the unlikely scenario that she dumps her boyfriend for you, then you will become the jealous boyfriend that she complains about to other guys. She will tell people that you don't want her seeing other guys, and they will say "What a jerk he is! You should hang out with me instead of him, I would appreciate you more and treat you like the princess you are!"


And yes, what a princess she is. She "deserves" to be treated better, because she earned that trust and appreciation with her actions, and her devotion to her boyfriend even when he's not around.


Her boyfriend looks in her phone because she lies to him. Guess what? She deletes your texts so her boyfriend won't see them. And you're just some guy, I hope you don't think she gives you more honesty than she gives her long-term boyfriend.

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"My boyfriend is sooo jealous and suspicious. I don't know why111!!!"


2-Weeks Later


"I never meant it honey.. I slipped.. fell.. "


Men have a right to be jealous considering the rate at which women cheat.


Anywho, leave her alone.

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