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livi on the move!


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Seems like a silly thing to make a journal about, but, I feel the need.. so I'm journaling my move.


It took about 3 weeks and a couple of hundred miles of driving by countless, not to mention mostly horrible, homes, but I finally found one that I like!


I'm not ready to purchase, so I'm renting. Not sure how long I'm going to stay in Cincy, but I'm here for the next year now!


The first house I saw that had promise, turned out to be a craig'slist scam. All I had to do was send this guy, in another country, $600 and he would send me 'the documents and key' to the house... oh SURE you will!


The house I am renting I did find on craigslist, but I checked with the county records, and this guy does own the home! They landlords are a nice couple, however, the Mrs. is a bit flakey! I can deal with that..I would get everything that we agreed upon in writing anyway.


I'm going to do this move mostly myself, I almost feel like I need to, not sure why.


I'm a mixture of excitedness and nerves! It's an older home and the rooms are kinda small, but it's private and after living in an apartment for over a year, that's the best part! I'm used to living in a large home with a big yard, so this apartment life has been an experience to say the least! I can have a grill and lawn furniture and wash my car.. things that I've missed a lot.


I get the keys either Thursday or Friday and will start moving small stuff this weekend!

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Thanks Lunar! Maybe I should move to So Cali? I'd LOVE that!


Well today has been utter frustration! Got the financial part worked out, if you want to call it that... money will be tight-tight-tight for the next month or so and I expected that, but to see it in print is scary. I can live on tuna fish and celery sticks for awhile.. it certaily won't hurt me.


Another frustration is finding a cargo van to rent. Finally got one, but it's not very close to where I am.. so I'd better make the most of it! It is unlimited miles, so that's good.. and it was reasonably priced.. also good! Maybe things will go so smoothly, I'll only need to rent it once? Well I can dream, anyway. I definitely want to get the storage locker cleaned out, so I can stop paying rent on it and get my deposit back. Should be easy enough, mostly Christmas stuff in it.


I'm going to pick up the keys today. I was going to wait until Friday, but, as flakey as landlord lady has been, I'd better stop by today in case she 'forgets' then I will always have tomorrow as a back up!


I'm still excited, but the reality of all the work involved and the expense has quelled my excitement a bit. I'm sure it will return though.

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^^ Moving is always expensive but totally worth it. I am sure as you said once the month has passed everything will be good. I know what you mean about seeing it in print. I always freak when I see that on my bank statement. Bahaha!


I mean I know how much I spent, but why can't we spend and keep the same amount as when we got paid?


Most of the time I am more than happy and I make enought o keep my happy but with all the baby shopping it has been crazy. I am so glad I am blessed with a job, even if my supervisor is a skunk ape.


You should totally move to SoCali, we would love to have you here

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Not much today as far as the move goes. I'm in a funk today. I did get the key yesterday!


I'll move little things in my car over the weekend and get bigger stuff packed up for Tuesday.


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all right now. Once I see stuff starting to get moved out of here, that will go away. Now I'm just worried that I'll have to stay and work nights tonight, at least it will be OT money.. but I need the time to move, more than the money at this point. This is the weekend that our 3 chronic call off work abusers are working, so there is always the chance and I'm the one that will have to stay.

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^^ Ohh you said the magic word, OT money. That is my word of the month.


Moving is a hassle, no doubt. Be glad you aren't moving a house full of people and things like I had to. Talk about planning and total complications. AYE


I think once you start moving some of the smaller stuff and see the place clearing out, you will feel less overwhelmed.


And I agree 100% with Lunar, you should totally move to So Cali.

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I agree, moving is both expensive and a pain.


I had to clean out a 1-bedroom apartment chock full of stuff from 15 years of living out in that city. I had to toss out or donate tons of stuff since I was moving to a studio.


Cleaning and coordinating a move is an expensive pain. Just to move my stuff cross-country was well over a grand and I drove my car and my pets out here. Fun.

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well I'm only moving about 4 miles, this time!


Today went very well. I wanted to get the majority of the little stuff from my livingroom moved today... I did just that. I have one more trip to make tomorrow. It was sooo hot and that really slowed me up... had to take a few 'cool off' breaks.


I did buy a hand truck and is probably the best purchase I've made in a long time!


I took a great feeling shower and am ready to kick back for the night.

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Yesterday I was a total slug.. didn't do much at all. I packed up the glass shelving from the curio and entertainment center. Packed up stuff from the spare bedroom. I guess I got a bunch packed up, but that room is always in a state of disarray.. so it's hard to tell if I've made any progress or not!


I was disappointed that my entertainment center will have to be arranged in pieces. It is 11 foot long and needs about 12 foot of clearance.. and older homes just don't have that kind of wall space. The important pieces are still functional and this isn't my final home. I'll be here a few years, until I can get my finances under better control and get rid of the huge car payment... and that will give me time to decide where I'm going to light... cause right now, I have no idea!


Won't get much done today. I have to go into work early and then need to go to bed at a decent time, since I'm picking up the van tomorrow at 8am! I will have it all day, so I hope to get a whole lot moved!

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thanks Lunar... that's nice of you to say!


Yesterday, I got about 90% of what I wanted to done. It was storming when I got back with the van, so I delayed for a little while. And I just ran out of 'go' juice by the evening.


I got the nearly all of the second bedroom moved. I have a few more items to take from there. I'm renting a pick up on Monday, so my goal is to get as much packed from the kitchen and bedroom that I can for Monday's moving. If all goes well, I'll have everything I can at the new place... I am here until July 10, so I can't move it all! I would say that I'm pretty much on schedule with where I wanted to be, by now.


I am going to take off work the Thursday before I move, sadly I can't take the Friday off.. that would be ideal, but not only am I moving while it's hot out.. I'm moving during prime vacation time!


I'm probably going to have to get a few more boxes and totes.. don't have quite enough left.

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