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Advice needed!


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She blocked me two months ago on msn and unblocked me recently. I started NC in the beginning of April and she broke it once after three weeks for some silly reason. After that not even a beep from her. So, I was quite fine until now.

She pops up on msn all the time and mirrors my actions ( i.e. I chance profile picture -> she does the same, I go offline and so does she etc.). She is playing mind games with me, I am quite sure about it.


I am aware that dumpees should not break NC in most cases but should I be the one who initiates the contact now? In the past she has initated 95 % of all contact. She is a bit shy and VERY sensitive person so ignoring her contact would hurt her very much. Do you think that is the reason why she`s waiting ME to start conversation? I know there is a chance that she`s just lonely and missing my company or/and wants just to be friends..( I told her I cant be friends with her, too much feelings involved).


So should I break NC and see what she wants? Or should I just stay NC? Especially womens advices needed!

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Do NOT contact her. If you do you will be undoing all your hard work and opening the door for her to mess with your mind any time she likes.


If you allow her to casually chat to you without any talk of reconcilliation she will friendzone you and you will end up the guy who emotionally supports her while she dates new men.


She is an ex who dumped and hurt you, remember that. If she has something to say, she knows where you are and what you need to hear. Otherwise, stay gone.

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Gosh, I just love you guys here on ENA. Always supporting and helping when needed


This is propably the hardest moment on my NC journey. She is almost screaming for me to contact her and it has been more than close for me to break NC. It seems NC has made me to remember some things fondly..

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