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Empty Promises

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1.promised he would never leave me and would say this during sex.


2.Hang in there and have faith.


faith you'll leave me after 4 yrs of my early 30's I will never get back.I'm now 36 and have to rebuild.I hope carma is a coming for you!!!! And it better be quick.I stayed with you and had faith and then you burnt me at the stake.

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She said she wouldn't ever date anyone after our breakup for "a long time", which turned out to be about a month


I said I would like to remain friends. Yeah, that was a load of * * * * .


yeah i hear you.he said he'd contact me again, a month and more and nothing.I will never hear from him again I would imagine and he lied to my face.


its just a rebound i wouldn't worry.

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She promised we would get past this and she would never leave again.


I was who she wanted to be with forever.


That she would stand by my side while I worked through my issues.....as soon as they came up, she decided to be noble and "let me go"

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