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I'm still so sad since I saw my ex with his new woman last week. It is like a heavy cloud is hanging over my head. And I feel so lonely for that special someone to be there. I guess I am moving on, because I want a new someone. Not missing him like I was. But to find that new someone, seems really hard. Also, I have been acting kind of crazy in various ways. Nothing dangerous, just a little nuts with sadness and lonliness.


But now, I am seeing him more for the jerk he really is. And empty promises of a I am sorry email, and closure letter. Not that I really expected it.


Yeah, I have trying to get out, went and got a massage. Now I have to go away for the weekend, by myself, to do another crafts show. It could be fun, and it is at the ocean, but I am kind of dreading going alone, and not having anybody I know there for support.


I am too old for all of this.

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Yeah, that sucks. I have to do a lot of things we were going to do together alone. They're still fun, but they'll feel a little incomplete without my special someone.


I get sad, too. It hurts when you least expect it. Sometimes even nothing at all triggers it. But remember that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Let the pain come, feel it, deal with it, but know that you're so much stronger and so much better than that feeling, and I know it's hard because it's a very hopeless feeling, but don't let it win. Just let it hurt like it's supposed to and go away.


You should go find your new someone There's plenty of single guys out there - once again, thank God you're on the female side of this! There's supposed to be way more girls than boys... but good luck finding a single one who dates. Makes me think something fishy is going on, like half the male population is doubling down on the ladies...

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Hi Dancingcolours...I'm really sorry that you saw your ex with a new girl...but at least, you're not sad and pining after him, it's more the feeling of being single

I think it would be even worse if you were hurt and sad and wanting him back...it's great that you can see him for the jerk he is!

I'd say to you, go out as much as you can, don't turn down any invitations, smile and be a ray of sunshine ( I've been doing that, treating everybody like my best friend, it really works ) and I'm sure that you'll be feeling better than this soon...and you will not feel so alone


By the way, I'm feeling the same as you...I have broken up with somebody too...


Hugs hope you are feeling better soon...Eclipse x

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