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dogs and nervers


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I have a dog (pug, weiner dog and chiagwa(cant spell) anyway she is a good dog but lately she has been getin on my nerves (alot of things have though) She wont go potty but goes to the door and wants to go out! Id let her stay out theree but all she does is bark at EVERYTHING that goes by. Even the neighbor called the cops cuz she wouldnt stop! She wont eat her food but begs like crazy when u get somethin ! Im home everyday (no job) and all she does it follow me, i meen BAD! You know how ur walkin and u do a double take and go from one way to the other i did that and she did the same thing! I dont know what to do anymore my nerves are gone, not sayin im gonna hurt her b/f says i leave her out to much (she goes to bedd in a locked cage) I dont wanna keep her in that all day since im here. I wish she would lisren and stop all this but it wont happen! She is a very good dog goes potty outside(if no 1 is there) goes in her bed when time for bed! What ya think?

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First, do you take her for walks around new areas? Do you challenge her mentally? Maybe she is bored, which is why she is following you around. And perhaps she has too much pent up energy so she barks.


First thing, TAKE her outside, on a leash, every single time.

Give her sufficient time to sniff a little bit and potty if she needs to. Take her right back inside afterward. Rinse & repeat every little while until she potties. On a completely separate occasion, also make sure she gets a good tiring walk every day.


And she will eat her food when she gets hungry enough. Stop feeding her human food and pretend she isn't even around when you are preparing food or eating. If you want to give her a treat once in a while, it should be after you eat, and it should be put inside her own food dish.


She is getting on your nerves because you conditioned her to be this way. Our dogs behaviour is largely want we make of it.

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Unfortunately, dogs can't read minds. What your dog does is completely understandable to her. S/he doesn't know what you want him/her to do unless you find a way to communicate human to doggie. That's where the problem lies. You may even be reinforcing some of the negative behavior without even realizing it.


Has your dog ever had obedience classes? There are usually some low cost options at your local SPCA. If not, there are training books or plenty of information on the internet. You want to look for "positive reinforcement" and/or "clicker training" methods. Both of these teach you to communicate in a way that your dog will understand.


Good luck!


P.S. Putting the dog in the cage more isn't a solution. If you think the dog is bad now, wait until you confine it more and end up with a more hyper and anxious dog with more energy to burn.

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You guys are SO right i need to take the blame 4 all of this, I ralley play with her and hardley ever take her 4 a walk (she trys to take off) My b/f comes home and she goes crazy he walks in and plays with her right away. I need to stop lettn things get to me so much! And i take the blame for ALL of this! Ill try to make it better. I had 4 cats at one time and loved tem to death they are so independent if they want you they will come to you if they dont they stay away so i guess i thought dogs would be the same!

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Dogs need much more direction than cats. They tend to have more rambunctious and destructive behaviors than cats do.


I really applaud your attitude! Most people in your situation see it as the dog being defective even when the human hasn't even done their best to exercise and train the dog. It's really all about finding out how to communicate so you both understand one another.


Do some research on training, start slow and don't get discouraged. You're not going to see an instantaneous change, aside from a tired dog if you increase the exercise. Exercise always helps alot

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Dogs view the outdoors as a playground, not a restroom, and unless they're trained to a routine, especially with small dogs, you'll get poops and pees whenever and wherever the urge strikes--even indoors.


Walk outside with the dog and follow her as a comforting presence while she explores. If she goes ape with barking at something, lift her up and take her inside to her crate. When she calms down, try again until she relieves herself. When she relieves herself, reward her with a treat and affection.


Repeat often, as necessary.


Your unemployment is the perfect time to invest in training your dog.

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