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It just doesn't matter anymore

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we spend so much time dwelling on the ex but at the end of the days...its just don't matter anymore?


so what they are gone. you can't make them come back.


so what they have someone


so what they won't talk anymore. this is best anyway.


what was life like before this person came into your life? start there


if they left, and it has been some time, then its just time to turn the page and start a new day without them. that's it.


people are going to come and go. let's try to take it one day at a time.


all that other stuff isn't getting us anywhere.

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*sigh* My life was feeling pretty incomplete before I met my ex, and she was my first love (as in I've seriously only had 2 other relationships and they lasted like a week each). I think that's the hardest part, but the good thing is I still get to enjoy many of the fruits of us growing together. I'm in college full time now at a university, I have a crappy but steady job, I get good grant money, I have some pets.


I can't really go back to where I was - when I found her, I was floating. Living in a house with like 6 potheads just kind of working, drinking, and doing nothing with my life. I can forget her, but I'll never underestimate what she meant to my life and the proof is where I am today. I didn't come to college for her or anything like that, but she made me want to be a better man. Now I just have to be a better man for me.

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I agree.


But, people handle and deal with their emotions in their own way. Some just pick themselves off and move on and others dwell on it for weeks, months, maybe even years.


yes..we are humans not computers. we can't just turn the power button on and off. true that...BUT!!!


we really need to get to a point where we take this attitude for our own good.


TURN THE FKING PAGE...its blank..its fresh...its new...now we can start there and try to bring some new happiness inside our lives. it is up to us. me and you.


who cares what they think about you anymore


who cares? I mean really..who cares?


you just got to get to a point where u say so what!


I'm working on so what



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You don't have to turn it off - we all still go through the cycles. You just have to know that you're stronger than them and teach them who's boss.


yes..show yourself who boss..CEO..


go try to be a millionaire or something.


I'm convenced that I will never get this low in my emotions ever over a relationship. its just no worth it

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