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thats that i guess

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I just went onto a relationship forum and found a post i think is by my ex.


Basically it was entitled "how to end it for good" and basically described the exact situation of our break up. I'm nearly positive it was my ex and funnily enough i hope it is. here are the bits that made me sure it was her.....



"Recently I just decided to end it completely. It was incredibly difficult but I got through it, but at the end my resolve wavered. I wound up agreeing not to see anyone for a set amount of time, then see what happens after that with us."


This is exactly what happened with us.



"Since the breakup I've gone out a lot, spoken to a good few people and am really regretting agreeing to this. I've even deliberately not taken one persons number because I almost felt like I was cheating."


She has gone out every weekend since we broke up and this is exactly how she would think.



"This person still loves me, but I just cant say the same. I don't want to hurt them, but I just cant be with them again"


Even the way this is phrased makes me sure it's her.


Ah well that's life i suppose.... She says in the post she wants to say she's not interested but not in person.... Funny thing is i'm not even the perturbed about hearing it in person (if it is her).


It's weird what people say about time giving a new perspective on a failed relationship. 4 weeks ago this might have crushed me but after reading it now and taking 10 minutes to let it sink in I'm fine with it! I have over the last few weeks started to see that it wasn't only me that was at fault in the failure of the relationship.


Guess i won't be visiting this place again....


See you folks

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I'm really sorry to hear this. If it is her then at least you have the one up on the rest of us in that you genuinely do know what she's thinking.

I hope that you can use it in a positive way in order to help yourself let go and move on, and not become fixated by constantly checking for new posts (which is probably what I'd end up doing

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