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All of the sudden, she starts ignoring me

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Ok. I have known this girl for about 3 years now but never really became good friends until college. This year specifically, we hung out a lot. The 2 months before college ended, we hung out everyday. She called me most of the time and was always wanting to be around me.


She then told me that her and her BF of 3 years are not dating right now (I have had feelings for her forever and felt like this could be something good) I didnt want to move in fast but yet wanted to let her know I can be there for her in both ways, friendly and romantic. We still hung out very often after she told me this.


Well the end of the year was coming by (btw she is going to different school next year) and I thought I ask her to dinner and pay for her and whatever. She said she was meeting up with her ex and she was sorry she cant do it. I didnt respond and got upset cause this guy treated her like crap.....


Anyway. No biggy. I just let it be. I text her one time a couple days after. She never responded. I texted her a couple weeks after. Never responded. Never wished me happy birthday, nothing. She has been a ghost.


Can someone please tell me why??? I wanna know if it was me or her? I still wanna be friends with her but seems like that she isnt a friend at this point and time. Thanks!

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Is it possible that she is aware of your feelings for her? Maybe it makes her feel awkward. Still, it's rude of her to behave like this, and act as if you don't exist. Or maybe she feels like she has to justify her behavior (towards you, or seeing the ex), and she wants to avoid that...

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