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Down and out...

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Lately the past 2 days or so, just have felt like crap. I'm 21 and work full time (as an intern), I spend 10 hrs per week commuting (2 hrs per day roughly) along with a 2 hour commute is roughly 10 hour days.


At this internship - I just dont feel like I'm part of my group of (6 members). They will be emailing each other back and forth about work they've completed and I'll send a question about work I am trying to complete and their like "we'll get to it later" or something. As if, they just seem like their blowing me off a lot of the time.


Its a shame, because my school has a great reputation with the company (I dont know how?).


I've been an intern for literally the past 5 summers of my life, this "internship" is 6 months long is a graduation req.


How do you cope with a team who wants stuff done, but isnt there to help you through it?

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The only thing you can do is step up and do your best and show you have great potential. Working with teams is a different dynamic than regular friendships. While it helps to be friends with everybody, in a workplace its usually foremost that the person does their part. You can still do your part with kindness to your team members though. : / hang in there and just do your best at your part. And above all, be upbeat! It's tough trying to have teamwork actually.. well, work. Win over your teammates with a smile and your awesome job skills.

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do the best that you can in the situation and rely on other, solid people in your life for support....you're not always going to get what you need from co workers but you have to forge ahead and know that you're the doing the best that YOU can do. it helps to have friends you can vent to and get support from...

good luck!!!! stay strong!

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