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meeting the parents


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So ive been dating this girl for about a month now, and the chemistry is great, we have heaps to talk about , we have a great sex life. Its all really good. cept i got to meet her parents tomorrow.........


basically im worried about what her parents might say to her, basically i am 27 unemployed and studying.

she is 22 working as a rehab nurse with a degree in biomedical, or medical science.


so in short i feel as though her parents might prode her brain with thoughts to leave me etc, and she lives an hour away so if i go tomorrow it might be a suicide mission, lol.


any ways shes been preppin them so to speak as to my arrival .... and thier feed back is good to say the least...



what should i do?

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Well... at least you are studying!


I really wouldn't worry too much about it. Especially since you've only been dating a month and you aren't talking marriage or anything at this point.


When you go, just concentrate your conversation on your future plans and how you want to do x, y, z and how you are going to get there.


Studying does not equal bum. No worries there!

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i had that problem with my ex boyfriend too, but to him meeting parents isn't anything important (and thats how i think now too).


so maybe for your gf it's the same thing, even if her parents think that it's important so what? you should care about how your girlfriend thinks of you, not her parents( of course if they like it it's easier but if they don't then so what?), as long as you loves her and care for her, that are more important. if she doesn't care how you are, then it's all fine. Don't think too much, (like me) it's bad for you.


meeting parents isn't important like you think it's, at least that is how i think. Iam asian and a lot of asian thinks that meetin parents is important, if they say no, u have to leaave that person, OHH NO YOU DON'T.


It's you and her, nothing about the parents. You guys will not live with the parents forever.

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